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Ingredients Used: All of our e-juices are hand blended with 100% food grade, pharmaceutical quality base mixtures and flavorings. We’ve taken great care to ensure that flavorings do not contain harmful ingredients such as Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl or Acetoin.

Shipping: All orders are processed in the order they are received and ship within 24 hours of receiving them.

Any order over $25.00 will receive free shipping. Free shipping will automatically be available and selected for you at time of checkout. You also have the option to upgrade shipping to a faster delivery method such as 2-3 day priority mail via USPS.

Customer reward points: All customers receive customer rewards points for their purchase. Each purchase you make you will receive points for which you can use for cash discounts for future purchases. You can accumulate points for a greater discount or use points for partial discounts as you see fit.

Nicotine levels: Nicotine levels in excess of 8mg tend to make flavors bitter and harsh. We accurately measure nicotine when applying your selected strength to your blends. Common nicotine levels typically range from 1.5mg to 6mg. We’ve found that most people new to vaping having recently quit smoking are most comfortable at these lower levels.

Reviews: We appreciate all honest reviews. Customers who give juice reviews will also receive additional customer reward points that can be used for discounts on future orders.

Youtube Juice Reviewers: Are you a juice reviewer with your own youtube channel? If so we would love to send you free juice to review. If you are currently reviewing ejuice, posting videos to your dedicated channel featuring ejuice reviews please submit a link to your channel by using the contact us form at the top of our site. We will take a quick peak at your channel then reply back requesting from you an address where we can ship free samples to.